iOS 7 Tethered Downgrade

Installing filesystem

Create an iproxy tunnel using port 44 instead of 22

iproxy 2222 44

In a new terminal window, run the following command to connect to device:

ssh -l root -p 2222

Password is "alpine"

NOTE: If you have waited a long time and it still has not connected, press CTRL+C and try to connect again

Clear partitions and create new LwVM partition table

lwvm init



You now need to boot ramdisk again

Now we need to create new partitions

gptfdisk /dev/rdisk0s1

You should see this:

You can then press buttons in this order:

n <enter> 1 <enter> <enter> 786438 <enter> <enter>

If you pressed the buttons correctly, this is what you should see:

Now create the data partition

n <enter> 2 <enter> <enter> <enter> <enter>

Save changes

w <enter> y <enter>

Now execute sync a few times


IMPORTANT: If for some reason newfs_hfs can't find the new partitions, you may need to reboot and boot ramdisk again

Format partitions

/sbin/newfs_hfs -s -v System -J -b 4096 -n a=4096,c=4096,e=4096 /dev/disk0s1s1

/sbin/newfs_hfs -s -v Data -J -b 4096 -n a=4096,c=4096,e=4096 /dev/disk0s1s2

Mount partitions

mount_hfs /dev/disk0s1s1 /mnt1

mount_hfs /dev/disk0s1s2 /mnt2

NOTE: If you see this error from mount_hfs, you can safely ignore it

Send filesystem tar to device

NOTE: All scp commands must be run in a new terminal window

scp -P 2222 ios7.tar root@localhost:/mnt2

Extract filesystem

tar -xvf /mnt2/ios7.tar -C /mnt1

Move /var to disk0s1s2

mv -v /mnt1/private/var/* /mnt2

Create folders needed for booting

mkdir -p /mnt1/usr/local/standalone/firmware/Baseband

mkdir /mnt2/keybags

Add files required for booting

scp -r -P 2222 ./keybags root@localhost:/mnt2

scp -r -P 2222 ./Baseband root@localhost:/mnt1/usr/local/standalone/firmware

scp -P 2222 ./apticket.der root@localhost:/mnt1/System/Library/Caches/

scp -P 2222 ./sep-firmware.img4 root@localhost:/mnt1/usr/standalone/firmware/

Since nano is unavailable on the ramdisk, you must copy fstab to your computer and edit it there before transferring it back

scp -P 2222 root@localhost:/mnt1/etc/fstab ./fstab

Open fstab in your preferred text editor and change it so it looks like this:

Save this file and transfer it back to your device

scp -P 2222 fstab root@localhost:/mnt1/etc/

Now you can reboot!


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iOS 7 Tethered Downgrade