iOS 7 Tethered Downgrade

iOS 7 Tethered Downgrade


In this guide, we are going to be tether downgrading A7 devices (iPhone 5s, iPad Air 1 and iPad Mini 2) to iOS 7. Keep in mind, the information you will see here focuses on iOS 7 for A7 and isn't intended for newer versions (Downgrades to early iOS 8 betas are usable although newer versions of iOS 8 will boot but won't be usable). This guide should cover all iOS 7 versions (7.0-7.1.2).


There's no warranty given. Follow this guide on your own risk. If something goes wrong, a restore should fix everything.


Making SSH ramdisk
Ramdisk Boot
Installing filesystem
Patching boot files
Tether boot

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Credits/Thanks to:

@axi0mx for checkm8 exploit
@mineekdev for seprmvr64lite
@exploit3dguy for iPatcher
@dora2ios for iPwnder
@AppleDry05 for SSH ramdisk binpack
@tihmstar for img4tool
@xerub for img4lib
@dedbeddedbed for kerneldiff
@Ralph0045 for original 64bit dualboot guide